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A youth-led movement to empower underserved communities.

Who Are We?

The Rose Initiative is a grassroots, non-partisan organization dedicated to rekindling hope and spirit in marginalized communities. We recognize that there is strength in numbers, and the power of any movement, organization, or collective lies in the people. We believe in a commitment to mutual aid: a form of self-reliance predicated on the voluntary exchange of necessities. We know that the power already exists in every underserved community; the task is to get people to recognize it and use it to spur positive social change.

Through the distribution of necessities like food, school supplies, hygienic products, and more, we aim to help fulfill basic needs that have been identified in a given community. Through mentorship, social education, and tutoring, we intend to work with young people in order to build future activists that will shape the future for years to come. We acknowledge that everyone can have much to learn from members of a different community.

We are heavily inspired by the work of Black Panther Party and the duty to restore power to the people.




Mission Statement

The Rose Initiative aims to highlight the power that exists in underserved communities to enact positive social change. We work with communities to identify and meet basic needs, provide mentorship opportunities, and inspire future change-makers.

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